Important Risk Advisory for All Cole Classic Swimmers

While support vessels will actively patrol the course for the entirety of the event, we want to emphasise that participating in the Cole Classic inherently carries some risks. Should you find yourself in need of assistance during the swim, please raise your hand to get the attention of water safety personnel.

However, we cannot absolutely guarantee the safety of every swimmer. Be aware that participating in the Cole Classic exposes you to potential hazards, such as drowning, collisions with other swimmers or objects, shark attacks, marine stings or navigating around sandbars and rocks.

All swimmers participate at their own risk and are strongly advised to evaluate their own physical condition. We highly recommend training and undergoing a medical examination before the event. Safety personnel reserve the right to remove any swimmer from the course if they are deemed unable to complete the swim safely.

If for any reason you decide to withdraw from the event, it is crucial to immediately notify an event official upon returning to shore and return your timing chip. This ensures that your safety status can be confirmed.

While in the water, adhering to the directions of water safety personnel is mandatory. We also urge all swimmers to familiarise themselves with beach and ocean conditions and to attend the pre-event start briefing for important updates.